Tintype by Maxine Sferra (@tintypes.by.maxine)


Lyon Falls is a true Portland vintage haven. Born of a shared love for timeless, sleek design, romantic textures, and an empathetic pull toward pieces that tell a story, Lyon Falls is a carefully curated collection of housewares, furniture, and clothing with modern day lifestyle practicality.

Named after our own hometowns, South Lyon Michigan, and Great Falls Montana, Lyon Falls is a tribute to our origin stories, as much as it is a home for vintage gems with stories long forgotten. We don’t believe vintage pieces should sit on a shelf collecting dust, but instead, circumvent time, space, and homes to claim a second life. This is why we choose pieces that are equal parts beautiful and practical.

Jessica’s vintage wardrobe is a trove of 1970’s handmade dresses, edwardian designs, and the beginnings of her own line of clothing made from reclaimed and deadstock materials. While she gravitates toward beautiful, thoughtfully constructed textiles and clothing, she is the first to admit that she can become weirdly attached to a random object with a charming backstory. In this business, she believes you have to have imagination, empathy, and openness. Sometimes that means coming home with a hand carved bird whistle or misshapen cat figurine.

Jessica is happiest when she’s enjoying a glass of funky red wine and indulging in another documentary on the British history, all while cozying up in their mid-century home (which is arguably our best vintage find to date).   

If Jessica is texture, mood, and movement of intricate artistry, Jevon is clean lines, hard edges, and the geometry of high design.

With an eye for detail and a respect for quality construction, Jevon researches, preserves, and restores vintage furniture. At the end of the day, when the sawdust settles, Jevon’s growing collection of mid century Pacific Northwest art and 1970s op art is his greatest pride.  

Believing that treasure is everywhere, Jevon will go to great lengths to unearth and rescue it. Take, for example, his avid metal detecting and hunt for the perfect fried chicken, not to mention his penchant for taxidermy (the more cringeworthy, the better).

As a duo, we have itchy feet that even the roaming wheels of our 1988 Toyota van can’t fully gratify.  And while we love our day trips that keep us close to home, we often find ourselves on the other side of the pond; gravitating toward the colors, tastes, and textures of new places. With every new adventure, our palates stretch and inspire the pieces we carry at Lyon Falls.

From silk and linen lovelies for warmer weather to pretty mirrors and statement furniture, find the stunning vintage pieces that will help you express your unique sense of self and home at Lyon Falls.